Raijin.ai is launching on Product Hunt on July 10th! 

About Us

Raijin.ai is a no-code Generative AI Analyst.
It helps teams to do thematic analysis of large amounts of audio and text data so that they can extract key insights rapidly to make higher impact decisions for their business.

We serve many use cases and one of the biggest is in acting as a Voice of Customer (VoC) listening tool. We are your AI Assistant in doing thematic analysis, reducing hours spent on analyzing all your different sources of customer data from calls, reviews and notes to pick up key customer insights rapidly so that you can make higher impact decisions with confidence.

Our Thesis

1. Winning companies are obsessed about their customers.
The process of continuous customer discovery is mission critical to any company’s success. Even if you’re not going to fully listen to your customer and do everything they say, the least you should do is be aware of their biggest concerns or happy moments.
2. Many product analytics tools, but few product research tools.
A lot of tools out there to take care of post implementation and product metrics but very few tools do fast thematic analysis with your customer data for setting the next direction and team focus areas. Currently, it’s either done based on gut feeling, or manually on spreadsheets and post its, or very expensively done by hiring or outsourcing an in-house user researcher/product analyst.