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Your AI Copilot
in Qualitative Research
and Analysis

Great for saving teams $20,000+ per year by eliminating manual work for User Research, Market Research, Customer Discovery, Opportunity Identification, Persona Building and more…

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AI Models We use

Your single source of truth for analyzing user research data and uncovering insights.

Why Raijin.ai?

Custom Instruction AI Console

Process and extract knowledge however you want

AI Thematic Analysis

Helps you identify key themes across your research

AI Report Writing

Helps you to brainstorm and organise your thoughts based on your uploaded data

Segmentation and Tags

Helps you clean and organise your uploaded data

Why we are better than ChatGPT

Built for Your Team

We are multiplayer focused, building a team-based environment around the AI.

Make Relevant Assets

You can build valuable documents such as Personas or Opportunity Statements directly on our platform, using AI as a copilot.

Not like any other AI

ChatGPT will give very general outputs or "hallucinations" if you insert too many words.

Ease of Organisation

You can tag and organize your data on our platform to further slice and drill down to segments and cohorts.

Who is Raijin.ai for?

As a team of user researchers or product analysts who are experts at what you do, you want to scale up your bandwidth so that you can share the fruits of your labor with more colleagues and users.

Create customer-centric products efficiently

Understand customer's needs, wants, and pain points to remain relevant

Respond to changing market dynamics

Monitor emerging trends and concerns to meet evolving expectations

Integrate AI seamlessly into your workflow

Create designs from AI-driven user insights, without extensive tech support

Create data-driven marketing strategies

Craft marketing strategies that resonate with customers using real-time insights


Our pricing plans

per seat/month

Best for students or freelancers working solo on projects

What's included:
7 hours of monthly transcription
10 GB of storage
2 projects
70 Knowledge Sources
Multi-language translation in 10+ languages
AI summarization
AI auto-tagging
AI transcription
AI notes clean-up
Limited Ask AI and AI Extractions quota
5 AI Thematic Analysis/month
5 AI-powered Analysis Reports/month
Tag management
Import and store past documents/recordings
Segmentation and custom fields
per seat/month

Best for businesses with projects that need collaboration between team members

What's included:
All features in Personal
12 hours of monthly transcription
25 GB of storage
4 projects
Unlimited Knowledge Sources
Unlimited AI features in Personal
AI sentiment analysis
Early access to new features
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What's included:
Priority customer support with account manager
...and anything else you may need!

Hear What Our People Have to Say

"Raijin.ai will help you speed through your product interviews by identifying the core product details so you spend less time re-listening and more time optimising."

Kit Neoh
CEO and Co-founder of ToBeAt

“This AI product makes uncovering critical insights from extensive user data and research interviews easy – a critical element of continuous customer discover to de-risk the path to product-market fit.”

David Isaac
CEO and Co-Founder of AIPath.one

We’ve pulled together some basics to help you get started

What is Raijin.ai?

Raijin.ai is an AI-powered Customer Discovery and Intelligence Hub which helps teams aggregate and find key takeaways from all their customer conversations. This enables teams to accelerate their product development and constantly prioritise the best features for their customers.

How does Raijin.ai work?

Simply upload your meeting notes and recordings into Raijin.ai and generate a meeting report which will contain AI-generated summaries and key takeaways. Our AI will also automatically suggest tags and labels to organise your takeaways. Next, go to the dashboard to get an aggregated view of all the meetings done by your team, as well as the top insights, keywords and themes from your customer data.

How does Raijin.ai increase my productivity?

Raijin.ai massively increases your team's output by consolidating all the meeting reports conducted by your entire team, and then providing you with intelligent summaries and key takeaways. This helps you to cut down on the meetings you need to attend, improve communication and alignment between your cross-functional teams and make faster data-driven decisions with your customer intelligence at hand.

What kind of files can we upload?

Currently, we support file sizes of up to 20MB. The file types you can upload include MP3, TXT, Doc and PDF files. We are working on increase file sizes and including more file types for you.

How fast does it take for audio and video files to process?

Usually, the files will take around 30% of their duration to process. For instance, a 60 minute audio file would take around 20 minutes to process. For text files, it will take a much shorter time. There is also additional time needed for the AI to analyse, summarise and extract key takeaways from your uploads.

What if Raijin.ai makes a mistake in transcription or analysis?

We strive for our AI to be as accurate as possible. In the case that there are errors, you can manually edit generated transcripts and content should they be inaccurate or outdated.

Can Raijin.ai replace my CRM system?

While typical CRMs capture mostly revenue and deal pipeline numbers, Raijin.ai is a platform that focuses on collecting and obtaining insights such as pain points from your customer. You can think of this as a system which captures interactions after a sale, enabling you to identify features or customisation requests that can increase revenue for your company.

What kind of support do you offer?

Different subscription plans will have different levels of customer support - ranging from email support to a dedicated customer success representative. You can always contact us here: sales@raijin.ai